A microdermabrasion is an non-surgical treatment which is treated on the face or areas of the body.it is a resurfacing techniques performed in a series of about 6 to 10 treatments.

Microdermabrasion mechanically exfoliation the outermost layers of dead skin cells and vacuums them away.it is a very deep exfoliation that cannot be  carried out with normal exfoliation products. once the treatments has removed dead and tired cells, your body will work to replace them with fresh, healthier and younger looking skin.

the microdermabrasion wand tip is made up of natural laser cut diamonds tips which polishes the skin and varies with sizes for a more precise treatment. the wand is stroked on area of the skin which need treatment on, and a scratchy like sensation will be felt, whilst the vacuum suction will filter all the dead cells away.

microdermabrasion is used with dermological products which hydrates, replenish and improves skin texture also help diminish fine lines and repair damage. The skin is first cleansed with an ultra calming cleanser then the microdermabrasion is performed for the required time. before a special mask is applied depending on the skin type., ending with an ultra calming mist and moisturisers.


  1. firstly in microdermabrasion
  2. diamond dermabrasion is a safe and controlled method of skin exfoliations.
  3. the stratum corneum   horny layer is reduced in thickness by dermabrasion.
  4. The circulation is improved vacuum action.
  5. it promotes blood flow and collage and  elastin production
  6. promotes tissue repair & skin regeneration
  7. leaves skin smoother and fresher


  • cellular activity increases
  • softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • smoothest rough skin
  • reduces the appearance of scarring
  • refines enlarged pores
  • helps diminish age spots
  • even out skin tone
  •   help reducing stretch mark
  • fades superficial scar
  • reduced blackheads and white spot
  • helps prevent clogged pores
  • dull, stressed or congested skin
  • sun damaged skin

prices for the area

Face   £55 buy 5 get 1 free treatment

Face & Neck   £ 65

Face , neck  & chest  £ 80

Face ,chest and hand  £85

Back , chest  £ 120 buy 2 get 1 free treatment

Stomach  £ 70 buy 5 get 1 free treatment

Arms  area £ 70

Buttocks area £ 70