We use professional Harmony gel nail and Shellac products ,to you nail,healthy,strong,glossy finish  and also allowing your   natural  nail it to grow & Healthy .    

ACRYLIC POWDER .  we using professionals products the edge no yellowing  and look natural beauty we always applied gel topcoat to keep extensions stay  strong and glossy for many weeks .

Acrylic Clear                               £22

French                                          £25

Gel                                                £25

Glitter                                            £28

Pink & white                                 £30

full set toes                                    £28


Acrylic                                          £15

Gel                                                 £18

Glitter                                            £20

Pink & white                                 £20

Infill toes                                       £18


Nails  Art from                             £3

Diamonds (+10)                           £3

 3 D Design from                           £3

French Polish                               £6

Toes Nail Polish                           £8

Take off & redone

 Acrylic Clear overlay                 £25

Gel                                                 £28

Glitter                                           £30

Take off                                         £15

Manicure And Pedicure treatment Manicure deep tidy buffing & fine , Exfoliating scrub,completed with hand lotion .

No polish £15/ with polish £18 / with paraffin warm wax £28

Pedicure  treat your feet and toes using deep clean cuticles exfoliating, buffed completed with foot lotion & nails polish.

£20 / with paraffin warm wax    £30

Manicure with Shellac & Gel Hand          £25

Pedicure with Shellac& Gel                    £30

Shellac & Gel full colour                          £18

Shellac & Gel Toes                                     £20


Soak off Gel colour                                  £5

Soak off  Shellac                                       £5

 Soak off and mini manicure                 £15


























Nail Care

Soak off gel for new nail set 15-20 min £10

Soak off gel and nail deep tidy ( no new set)£10-15

Soak off nail applied by other and cuticle area ( no new set )£ 20

Nail repair/replacement .pre nail £4

Sculptured nail replacement :  pre nail   £ 5

Gel Pedicure (60 min service)

Super treatment and excellent on toe worn of ragged edges.can last to 4 to 6 weeks without any touching up Includes french finish,colour of your choice.


Nail Maintenance

We look up to your natural nail growth you begin to see the nail growth around the area this will need to maintained depending upon the rate of your own nail growing, finger nails only.

French of full colour .two weeks maintenance £ 20

French of full colour three weeks maintenance £ 22