Hopi Ear Candling Treatment | 40 mins – £27
The “Hopi” candles originate from the Hopi Indian Tribe of North Arizona, hence the name Hopi ear Candles. Ear candles have been used for hundreds of years throught Greece, the Meditaranian and Latin Countries. Ear candles can help with the treatment of sinusitis, rhinitis, earwax, earache and irritation of the ears including tinnitus. It is also suitable for the treatment of headaches and migraines. The treatment also includes scalp and facial massage.

Facial Treatments | 30 mins – £25 / super facial 45 £30
With each beauty step and the use of professional skin care beauty products it is total relaxation for your face. Cleansing, toning, exfoliating face neck & shoulder massage with energising face mask & moisturising . it total relaxation for your skin. 

Galvanic Facial Treatment 60 mins  treatment  £ 45

Galvanic Facial Treatment This treatment is suitable for  every skin type.First we use  a basic facial deep cleans  together with steaming, then a galvanic gel  is applied to the face & neck using  an electrode negative current to create an even deeper cleansing effect on the skin allowing extraction of blocked pores. After finishing the deep cleansing process,we apply a soothing mask  according to your skin type then a  collagen gel, using gentle massage.A soft electrical  Iontophoresis current  is then applied which is transported into the deeper layers of your skin through the gels, to stimulate the closing of pores. The Iontophoresis current is used to force the moisture & collagen into the skin also toning your skin at the same time.   It also has a calming and  soothing effect which allows the facial tissues to relax and increase the circulation  and firmness to your  skin.

Mai thai therapy Foot  spa | 40 mins – £30 
The luxury pedicure care using exfoliating cream&Grape seed oil lotion help repair your skin with a refreshing cooling mask & massage will chang you feet smooth and feeling fantastic this treatment completed with colour nail paint of  your choice. 

Mai thai therapy foot pedicure 30 min £ 20

treat your feet and toe to relaxing with foot lotion massage cuticle deep work and nail buffing Also completed with colour nail paint of your choice.

Mai thai therapy Hand Spa   40 min £30

Refresh your skin tired and over worked hands with cleansing foaming gel.Exfoliating scrub and age renewal control mask & hand massage.completed with colour nail pain of your choice.

Mai thai therapy Manicure spa  35 min £20  with french pain 45 min £30

Luxury manicure for the best dressed and nail cuticles are treated  ,nail buffed also hand lotions massage.this completed with colour  nail paint of your choice.

Paraffin Wax Treatment 

This treatment is for intensive re-hydration and softening of skin and cuticles , it is idear for day skin conditions and increasing circulation an therapy promoting

healthier growth, also beneficial in that gentle heat may decrease joint stiffness and relax aching muscles.

Paraffin Hand Treatment 20 mins £ 20

Paraffin Foot Treatment 20 mins £ 20




Spa Treatment.

Priadara Body scrub .Using natural sail combined with a blend of stimulating and invigorating essential oil lime,spearmint and lemongrass make your skin happier and smooth. 30 min £ 30

Priadara Back scrub

Back and shoulder exfoliating using Natural sea salt.you skin will be feeling nice smooth

20 min £20

Priadara Body Mask

Oriental lotion of botanical extracts  aloe vera   and green tea,Essential oils of spearmint,lime and lemongrass improve the circulation and elimination of toxins.treating cellulite and refresh your skin .20 min £25

The Body Shop Spa Body Scrub

Ximenia & salt scrub ,it lovely creamy texture exfoliates also moisturiser leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

30 min £30